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Works on Desktop and Mobile Devices

PHP Interactive 360
XL Service

More interaction is more opportunity to sell your products. Combine quality photography and modern technology to present your products with interaction for your customers, let them look round your product at their leisure.

Present your products in glorious interactive 3D, let your customers look round your product, zoom in on details, read the labels and include hotspots revealing detailed information on any specific features you choose to highlight. The XL service is ideal for showing clothes on models so customers can actually see how the items fit, large products or let your imagination run free and do something really eye catching to showcase your business.

The studio now offers an interactive 360 degree product photography service for larger products which can accommodate products up to 1m x 1.8m in size and a maximum weight of 150 KG at very competitive rates. To keep things simple we offer 1 package & a custom quote option, simply contact the studio to book in your products.

Need an HD video of the 360? no problem, you can bolt on an HD video of your product spin with the basic packages or its included with the deluxe package.


Deluxe 360 XL
£ 200   Per 60 approx. Shot 360
  • Products up to 1m wide x 1.8m High
  • Products up to 140kg weight
  • 60 approx. Shots per Product Rotation for smoother rotation
  • Medium Resolution Images suitable for small print work and online use
  • Custom size up to 900 Pixels Interactive Window
  • Automatic Rotation on Load
  • Scripts to Implement 360 on Website
  • 1920 x 1080 MP4 Videos of each 360 For use on Social Media
  • Optional Logo inclusion in 360
  • Optional Watermark in 360
  • License to use Individual Images for other Marketing Online
  • Works on all mobile and desktop devices
  • * Cost per 360
  • Contact us

Price includes cutting out your product onto a pure white, black or transparent background

Model fees & make up (if required) are extra

Above: A promotional video for social media that incorporates the PHP360XL video provided with the Deluxe Package.

Bespoke 360’s

Contact the studio to discuss a bespoke quote to include any 360 with animated gifs of each 360 and MP4 Videos. Within the custom quote you can also include up to 4 hotspots on the product that your users can click on, these are especially useful for highlighting key features of a product, the window then pops up with specifics regarding the feature or even a close up image of the feature.

The bespoke option can also include retouching of the individual images to help raise your product just that little bit more, your logo in the corner of the 360 window and the option to watermark the photos to protect your 360 should you want to.

All of the packages come with all the necessary code to implement the 360 within your website and medium resolution files licensed for use within the 360. Within the bespoke package you can purchase a license to use the images in higher resolution for your advertising or marketing.

The only limit to the 360 potential is your imagination!

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