A Passion for Pictures

Photography is more than just a business, its a passion. Whether in the studio, at a family gathering or out taking part in activities I love. Outside of work a camera is almost always a part of me. It can be in the form of my SLR,compact digital camera or phone.

In the studio, out and about or on the trails in Northumberland, there is always a camera that can capture a moment, record an event or document a chance meeting.

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Shooting personal projects allows me to develop my photographic skills further through experimenting with new techniques and subjects, its a passion that penetrates my entire life and the rewards are endless.

My Niece: Neve

One of the most satisfying personal shoots is of course the opportunity to try a side of portraiture I have not ventured into in the studio before. I offered to photograph my beautiful 8 week old Niece Neve, I had no experience photographing babies previously but I was eager to try and make some nice pictures for my brother and his partner. After a little research and some shopping for props I had a 30 minute window to photograph Neve before she became restless and hungry. I wanted a soft gentle look to the shots and to make them something they can keep forever.  The results were one very happy brother and some new skills that can be applied to my portraiture service and one clear reward was capturing Neve’s very first smiley picture.

Outside of the studio I often visit Newcastle City Centre to explore the life of the city, I will spend hours observing, shooting, meeting and talking to interesting people. I often come back with images that surprise me, sometimes they show positive aspects of city life and other times I capture events that highlight the issues of the day. I develop my skills in reportage, portraiture and of course valuable social skills, but the best thing is meeting and talking to people who always have interesting stories to tell.

A visitto the quayside 3 days after the opening of the bridge to the public resulted in this image

Chance meetings with interesting people provide unexpected portrait opportunities

Police surrounded by EDL and Anti Racist Protestors at Newcastles Greys Monument

Every time I pick up the camera personally I learn something new that is transferable to the business, either directly or in-directly. Whether I am trying new lighting techniques in the studio or stumbling into the middle of a protest in the city, every experience I have with photography makes me love it more.

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