A Storm in a Tea Cup

The studio was graced with the lovely aroma of beautiful organic teas once more when expanding tea brand Storm Tea visited the studio again for more product shots (and they left a load here for us too!!).

The lovely people at Storm Tea first came to the studio in 2009 with their first tea products and packaging for photography that would help them launch the brand. The team knew that the photographs produced by PHP would in most cases be the very first contact customers would have with their product and brand, so the images were critical to the success of the marketing.

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PHP produced individual and group product shots which would go on to grace brochures, exhibition stands, websites and every other type of marketing literature you can think of. At the studio we could immediately see a bright future for these products as not only was the design and branding perfect, but they left us with samples which lasted less than a week and we didn’t normally drink tea!

Individual and Group Product Shots showing the product and packaging are regularly produced

Since 2009 the brand has taken off and is now on sale in many cafe’s, restaurants and department stores like TK Maxx in addition to their very funky website (www.stormtea.co.uk).

The images produced by PHP have appeared on cars, vans, exhibition stands, brochures, flyers, adverts, banners and posters and more. Storm Tea is a perfect example of how PHP want images to work hard for our commercial clients and also show the importance of good quality high resolution product imagery.

PHP Images appearing on promotional vehicles and delivery vans

This month the team at Storm Tea returned to PHP to update their image catalogue to include all their new flavours and products. The brief was simple, nice clean images showing the product and packaging the way it is, with particular emphasis on their selling point, the ingredients that make the product so special.

Barbara Croce, Director at Storm Tea said “PHP has always delivered great shots that have been hugely beneficial to sell our product and convey it’s quality and uniqueness. The attention to detail, willingness to help have always been exceptional – we’ve just used PHP again (November 2012) for our latest products and we were delighted for the next stage of our marketing plan. I even used him for photos for my kids for large wall prints – brilliant!”

Storm Tea is an example of all the qualities PHP aim to deliver; a lasting business relationship that provides quality results for both the studio and the client.

To see how PHP can help your business promote its products give us a call on +44(0)191 236 1017 or email info@philiphunton.co.uk

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