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It’s always a pleasure when a new brand approaches the studio with a vision and enthusiasm.  Sheree from Bijou, a new brand of luxury British hand made shoes, approached the studio with a view to us producing the product and advertising photography for use in their new marketing and advertising material.

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Every business needs photography, photographs are usually the first point of contact with a business or product, so it is very important to get the images right. Sheree, from Bijou at the Petite Shoe Boutique (, understood that to launch her shoe range and brand she would require product imagery that showed the handmade products in their best light. 

Sheree approached the studio with a view to creating everything from crisp, clean, on-white product photographs to some more creative location shots for advertising purposes.
A selection of the shoes available from with photography by Philip Hunton

Over 20 pairs of shoes were shot in the studio from various angles to product buyers with a full view of every hand made shoe. Every shoe design had very different elements to consider when photographing them, the patent leather products were highly reflective meaning the reflections had to be created to show the finish of the shoe without distracting the viewer too much or reflecting the studio, camera or other surrounding elements. The t-bar shoes had to sit right without being supported, which is extremely difficult to achieve considering the suppleness of the thin leather straps. Several pairs of the shoes were made from skins, with these products we not only had to showing the reflective nature of the products but we also had to clearly show the textures.  Every product shot went through a short developing process, the product in the image was checked, dust and other minor elements were removed and then the image was exported in both high and low resolution ready fro upload to the photo-cloud.  The studio shots took a little time, but if something is worth doing….

The second part of the commission included a visit to a beautiful boutique hotel in Durham City Centre to capture the shoes in an environment for the advertising and banner uses. When the hotel was quiet we spent 2 hours shooting the shoes and having great fun while doing so, these images were not to be strict and formal like the studio shots, more atmospheric and improvised.
Following the hotel shoot, the images were developed and delivered within 5 working days via photo-cloud in both high and low resolutions. Bijou were impressed by the speed of the developing process and the fact that they were able to invite their designers to share the cloud meaning that access to all of the imagery did not rely on CD’s or mail.
Sheree said “The service was fantastic and the quality of image provided exceeded my expectations, Philip’s images will be representing months of work designing and producing these shoes, they really have been a labour of love and these images capture my vision for the products perfectly”

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