Diver One Series by Scurfa Watches


Scurfa Watches produce beautiful, precise and durable divers time pieces. Their brief for the studio was to create some crisp, clean 360s and product images to represent their new product lines.

The new range from Scurfa were to be captured in 360 degrees and presented on their website for customers to look around and view every detail on their devices before buying. The watches are solid and made of quality materials which made the shoot a little tricky as the watch had to be suspended from a frame, attached to the turntable and all done as close to the centre as possible to get the 59 images to make the 360 work.

Once the images were captured, they were developed in lightroom to enhance the contrast and exported for creation of the 360, HD video and animated gif.


While products are ideally suited to interactive 360’s, the possibilities for them do not end here. Imagine customers being able to look round a new speciality food dish or being able to look round a model wearing a new design of clothes. As the structure of the 360’s is based on stop frame animation, you can even create a system where not only are you able to look round a product but moving parts open and hotspots customers can click on bring up more detailed information on a specific feature.

Scurfa Diver One Blue
Visit www.scurfawatches.com for more

If you would like to find out how interactive 360’s can help promote your business or product contact PHP on 0191 236 1017 or info@philiphunton.co.uk, I would be delighted to discuss your requirements and help you produce something that presents your product or business to your customer base in a new way.

For more information on Scurfa Watches or their product line please visit www.scurfawatches.com

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