Encourage more customer interaction with PHP 360 Service

One of the few barriers between a product and its audience online is that everything is presented in two dimensions, often quite small so the customer gets a view of the product but not a good look around it.

360 degree photography is ideal for showing off your flagship products, encouraging users to interact, look closer and truly examine them.

Present your products online in 3D, interact with your customer base and encourage them to look closer with the use of the new 360 degree photography service. The service is designed to present your ‘hero’ products to an online audience but also offers several extra benefits.

The degree 360 photography service has several key features:

• Zoom in to details with a simple double click
• All scripts and images needed are supplied in a zip file via drop box
• Highlight up to 4 features with hotspots that bring up information or images (Optional add-on)
• HD video of your 360 for use in other promotional material (Optional add-on)
• Gif files of your 360 for use online (Optional add-on)


Case Study – Storm Tea

Storm Tea

Product Photography for Storm Tea, English Tea Merchants in Newcastle

Storm Tea are established English tea merchants with a focus on sourcing high quality, authentic teas and tisanes based in Newcastle upon Tyne. The tea sourced and sold by the business is of the highest quality and their brand reflects this.

Storm Tea approached the studio to produce a series of interactive 360 degree images for their website together with videos for social media and animated gif’s allowing their customers to look through every aspect of their beautifully designed packaging. The 360 interactive would allow customers to view the product, read the labels and because of their packaging design, see the silk pyramids containing the organic tea leaves so carefully selected by their team.

After a brief discussion and a test shoot PHP produced a full selection of 360’s for Storm Tea, supplying them with everything required to implement the interactive products on their website. Because the interactive products are run via a jquery script they work on all devices, both handheld and desktop, ensuring maximum compatibility and an efficient delivery system

Sample 88 image rotation
Drag the product around to look round the box
Double click to zoom in

Following the production and delivery of the interactive 360’s, Storm Tea asked the studio to produce them as both HD videos and animated gif’s so they could use them within their social media marketing strategy. The 360’s, videos and animated gif’s were completed within a day and delivered to the client, who immediately took advantage of them by utilising them in Instagram and the response from their followers (and their own team) was great.

I worked really closely with Phil initially to get the lighting and set up just as we needed. Phil always spends over and above the quoted time to ensure your happy and the product shots were perfect for us. Even though it ís in the early stages, since the shoot the reaction on social media and other platforms we used them on have been fantastic

Ric @ Storm Tea

If you would like to know more about the fabulous Storm Tea and their range of organic products, visit their website www.stormtea.co.uk or follow them on Instagram via the username @stormtea

While products are ideally suited to interactive 360’s, the possibilities for them do not end here. Imagine customers being able to look round a new speciality food dish or being able to look round a model wearing a new design of clothes. As the structure of the 360’s is based on stop frame animation, you can even create a system where not only are you able to look round a product but moving parts open and hotspots customers can click on bring up more detailed information on a specific feature.

If you would like to find out how interactive 360’s can help promote your business or product contact PHP on 0191 236 1017 or info@philiphunton.co.uk, I would be delighted to discuss your requirements and help you produce something that presents your product or business to your customer base in a new way.

For more examples of the PHP 360 service and pricing please click here

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