Headshots for Acting, Social Media, Business and Dating Sites

Social media is today a massive part of life, there is no escape. It is used to communicate with clients, customers, family and friends. While our professional and personal lives are often very different, the images we use to represent these separate lives in many cases are not.

We have all got connections on Facebook or Linkedin that are high up in business but use a blurred selfie taken at 1am in a bar as their headshot. In many cases its surprising that after a meeting they add you on Linkedin and the image they use is a stark contrast to the professional person you just met.

The blurring of the lines between personal and professional image is often one area which businesses often do not approve of and some are now becoming more aware that professional social media headshots should replace selfies to work with the businesses brand to present the desired image whilst also projecting the personality of the individual employee.


Commercial Headshot Photography

Commercial Headshot Photography Example

Standardisation of headshots for business sounds boring, but in reality the images used don’t have to be corporate headshots if that’s not what the business is about. its about working with the brand, if your company is fun and full of life then that’s what the social media headshots should convey but they should have a style that follows through every employees image, its really an opportunity for businesses to expand their reach, to take something that is often chaotic and disordered and stylise it to maximise impact while working with the core values of the business.

Kema Kay Acting Headshot

Actor Kema Kay


Actor Samantha Hancock

Philip Hunton can help you find the best photographic solution for your business and employ the same creativity to produce images that are professional, engaging and stylised which employees can use on all of their network sites along side their standard “PR Corporate Headshot” that is used in the brochure and sent to the magazines.

The studio can offer personal and business social media headshot photography at very competitive rates, either on location or at the studio itself.

If you need:

• Acting Headshots
• Social Media / Dating Site Portraits
• Headshots for Business or PR
• Bulk Staff Headshot Photography

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