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As I have discussed in previous blog entries, good photography is essential to any business. When it comes to presenting new products and showing their features its essential that there is a balance between the aesthetic and showing the real features of the product.

A recent project for North East company Clictime presented interesting challenges when producing photography for their product packaging and marketing.

The company produce a variety of night lights and watches in the form of very popular characters from well-known brands such as Lego and Disney. Clictime approached me to photograph their new product lines and to show the products lit on the packaging. In the past their team had found it extremely difficult to show the glow of the lamp and stop the rest of the shot being very dark. They were also not keen on just being able to see the parts of the product that glowed, and wanted to separate the product from the background in the shot.

After a coffee and chat regarding the products and specific details the company would like to be seen I set about producing some images. I wanted to clearly show the product features but also be aesthetically pleasing image to look good on packaging and marketing material.

clictime-blog-3     clictime-blog-2     clictime-blog-1

The solution for the shoot was to create separation between the character and background with gentle reflected light on the product itself and a long exposure. To achieve this I used a coloured gel background light behind the table with small beauty dish and grid to focus the light.

The final image stands alone as a nice product image but more importantly it looks good on the final packaging and shows the operation of the product well and the image adds to the appeal of the product. In addition to the fantastic night lights, Clictime also produce light up digital watches with the characters featuring on them.

spiderman     yoda     chewy

These shots had to have the same feel as the larger products but presented their own difficulties when photographing them. The process for the watches was similar to the larger products but far more fiddly to get exactly in the right place with the right light.

All together more than 40 carefully produced images were delivered to the client in high and low resolution via their personal drop box. For more information on how Philip Hunton Photography can assist your business please contact 07958 243 294 or email

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