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montaneAll good brands know that photography is usually the first point of contact any potential market will have with a product and therefore understand how important it is to have photography that not only looks good but accurately represents the products and their features.

Founded in 1993, Montane are a well-established premium brand who offer technical apparel and equipment to the outdoor markets throughout the world. Montane know just how important it is to get the best quality photography for the products they design and they approached PHP to produce photographs which would be used to introduce commercial buyers and end customers to their latest line of products.

After an initial test shoot, which was in competition with many other photographers, Montane approached PHP to undertake the complex task of photographing a range of technical packs and accessories that had been meticulously designed for the outdoor enthusiast, athletes and explorers.

The brief was to photograph the product in 2/3 views to show the front, back and three quarter views of the packs. The three quarter and front shots were to be shot as “ghost mannequin” shots (i.e. making the products appear as if they were being worn but without a real mannequin obstructing the view of the product). This style of shoot can be extremely tricky, especially when products are made from mesh materials, can be seen through and when they have little rigidity in their structure to help shape them when shooting.

The Via Trail Series Fang 5 with the SoftFlask Accessory

The Via Trail Series Fang 5 with the SoftFlask Accessory

To produce images of the standard required, time was wisely spent on the preparation for the shoot. Looking at the products and understanding how to best dress them for the images and becoming familiar with their specific features and uses.

Some established and new non-destructive techniques were used to produce the final shots with as little post processing required as possible. Every product was dressed, checked and shot to ensure that the features of the product were shown and the quality of photography met with the high standards of the brand.

Montane Transition series Duffle Pack with removable shoulder straps

Montane Transition series Duffle Pack with removable shoulder straps

In total over 200 high resolution images with clipping paths were provided to the client, who, based on the strength of the photographs, decided to use them in their annual trade show press pack rather than their designer’s illustrations.

” Phil’s eye for detail, meticulous approach and speed of communication has meant that photography for our new Spring / Summer 2016 pack range is second to none.  We are extremely pleased with the images received – he has been able to show the features and particularities of each pack to its full potential. We look forward to working with him again.”

J Coombs, Montane.

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