Prints, Canvases, Acrylics and Blocks Now Available


A selection of photographs by Philip Hunton are now available as beautifully framed prints, canvases, acrylics and wooden blocks from wall art specialists

Photography it not something you can just do as a job, it often begins as a hobby, develops into a passion and continues on to be an obsession before any photographer takes the plunge into doing it for a living.

My passion began when I was a child and my parents bought me a Halina Disc camera when I was constantly trying to borrow my dads point and shoot camera and mimicking him taking pictures. It only really took hold as a passion when studying graphic design at college aged 20, I was bought a 35mm slr kit and studied photography in my spare time as I knew how important it was to design and wanted to make sure I understood what I was asking photographers to achieve when briefing them in the real world. I was fortunate enough to have a lecturer who is a very good photographer, he was kind enough to donate some of his spare time to teaching me the basics and since then I was hooked on creating all sorts of images and recording anything that took my interest.



Abstract Atrium – 35mm Film

Over the years I have sold many prints to a huge range of people but only upon request and I managed the whole process of printing, framing and delivering which was simply not economically viable from a business point of view. I recently discovered an online service and community that takes care of the production and delivery side to a very high standard which has inspired the creation of the online sales gallery.

There are now over 25 images are now available from including abstract images, panoramics and 35mm film prints. This gallery will continue to grow and provide a small look into some of the images I create personally rather than my commercial  work which is always shot for someone else.

Visit my gallery online to see the full selection of images and formats currently available:




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