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Fit Nation Massage Roller

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Today online shopping is more popular than it has ever been. It is predicted that online shopping sales are to reach a staggering £52.25bn in 2015, a 16.2% increase on 2014 according to a study conducted by RetailMeNot and the Centre for Retail Research.

These figures are expected to continue to increase into 2016 so it is more important than ever to make sure your products stand out from the crowd both online and offline to attract attention the attention of your customers.

In the online retail environment photography is the key to attracting the attention of your target market. Customers rely on accurate and appropriate imagery to see what they are buying. As with any photography it is not only important to make the images attractive, you also need to adhere to the strict rules enforced by each online retailer to prevent consequences that can see your account suspended or banned.

Fit Nation, a brand which brings to market innovative products for the fitness industry, approached Philip Hunton Photography to produce a series of images of their new line of products. Their online presence is mainly focused on the retail giant who offer the largest range of products in the world.

After an initial meeting to discuss requirements it became clear that many images of similar products were accurate but not very eye catching and presented a limited view of the product to Amazon shoppers. Fit Nation wanted to show the product “as it is” but also to highlight the features of the product through additional images in their gallery and also to illustrate all of the colour ways available to the customer, therefore arming the customer with all of the information required to make an informed decision regarding their potential purchase.


A clean, well lit product image was essential for the Amazon product (click to enlarge)

Fit Nation Massage Rollers

An additional “Call out” image was created to clearly show the customer the size and key features of the product (click to enlarge)


These shots were produced in very high resolution, ensuring that if Fit Nation decided to produce printed marketing material or wanted to blow up the product shots for an exhibition stand they could without worrying about quality.

All of the high and low resolution images were delivered to the client via online drop box, so the client could preview and download the images efficiently and quickly.

On completing the massage roller product shoot Dan, of Fit Nation, said “Philip is the most creative and passionate photographer we have ever worked with. His keen eye for detail and imaginative way of thinking creates images that are absolutely fantastic. We have used other photographers before who have been less expensive but when it comes to value for money we will never go back to them…”

The Fit Nation Massage Rollers are due to go on sale on before Christmas.

It was not long before Dan returned to the studio with another brand he was working on, the Olympic Nation brand had established itself as a popular and high quality swimming goggle product, but Dan believed that this quality product could do better sales with improved imagery.

Working with PHP, new images were produced which to follow the same high quality approach of the Fit Nation branded products. The new images from PHP were to provide a clear view of the product, highlight its features and separate it from its competitors through high quality photography.

PHP approached the shoot in a similar manner to the previous massager products, to produce a clear shot of the product, an illustrative shot highlighting its key features and additional images to show the product as the customer would receive it.


A clean on-white shot to show the product (click to enlarge)


An illustrative shot to highlight the features (click to enlarge)


Although they appear simple, on-white is often the most difficult image to produce well. To produce pure white the background must be lit much brighter than the product itself which if done incorrectly leads to a dull grey image with little or no contrast.

These product images met with the high standards Dan required for the Olympic Nation brand. The images were uploaded to the product page and in one weekend they helped increase sales by over 15%.

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