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In addition to the standard bespoke photography services offered by Philip Hunton Photography, there is also a growing library of stock images available with a variety of licenses directly from the studio or via several microstock websites.

These images are used alone, or as discovered this week, as part of a composited image for use in packaging design.

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Occasionally I have in the past stumbled across some of my stock images in use. Perhaps one of the most surprising discoveries was while visiting Whitby I saw a PHP stock image in use on external advertising for a large coffee company.

Stock Photography by Philip Hunton

Its always interesting to see how people use my photography, whether it is in design work, adverts, website or other designed material. When US based graphics, print and website Design Company Design249 (www.design249.com) contacted the studio looking to purchase an extended license (a photography license for high volume reproduction) for a photograph I had taken of a dairy cow, my curiosity was aroused and I began to wonder how my stock images were being used. 

I contacted Mr William Murray of Design249 regarding the image who informed me that it was to be used as part of a design on packaging, advertising and associated materials in a range of high quality natural Bulgarian Yogurt products launched in the US by family owned and operated White Mountain Foods (www.whitemountainfoods.com).

Design: Design249 (www.design249.com)

Design249 (www.design249.com)

With permission from their client, Design249 sent the product designs and associated information relating to the use of my photograph in their design work. The label design intent was to capture the “natural” or “pure” quality of the yogurt (only two ingredients, milk and culture) and, since the company also makes vegan foods, let potential customers understand visually and immediately that it was a dairy product.  Design249 wanted it to be distinctive from any other yogurt else on the shelf, but still traditional and inviting.  The final design incorporated a composite image which projected the appropriate values and consisted of two images.

I was fascinated to see how one element of a stock image I had taken some 6 years ago was incorporated into a fantastic product design. The design itself highlighted the importance of good photography in design, whether it is a bespoke image with high production values or a stock image used as part of a composite captured while hiking in the lake District.
To see how PHP can provide either bespoke or stock imagery for your design material please contact info@philiphunton.co.uk
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