The Decent People @ Walker Technology College

In the years I have been shooting for Walker Technology College I have seen on many occasions how the students and teachers work hard to promote core values we all should aspire to.

This latest campaign was to shoot posters for the college focused on the key messages that would help students understand the values and behaviour that “decent people” regularly demonstrate.

These posters were to be simple but powerful messages to remind students of those values which make them  decent people not only in the college but in the world outside it too.

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The campaign itself did not preach to the students, it was designed to speak to them on a level, through examples of good behaviour by students respected for their achievements both academically and personally.

In all we had one day to shoot enough conceptual images to cover more than 16 messages in addition to the individual and group achievers photographs that would also be printed as posters for the break-out areas. It was a tough schedule but made fun and productive by the enthusiasm that the staff and students showed towards what we were trying to achieve.

As always with WTC the students were great to work with and I got them involved with ideas for the concepts and the art direction of the shots themselves. The posters are now displayed throughout the school in A0 size promoting the values of the college to the 1000+ plus students attending.

For more information on the College and its fantastic students and staff visit

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