The Reckless General Plays the Cluny


On occasion I like to get out and shoot subjects I am personally interested in, after talking to the talented Michael Cochrane of Reckless General Records I was given the opportunity to shoot a live gig with a variety of performers.

Reckless General Records (RGR) is a project featuring three very different artists, Hattie Murdoch; a talented singer/songwriter with a smooth voice and impecable guitar skills, Iain Crummie; another talented singer/songwriter whose lyrics conjure up vivid pictures in your mind and The Soviets; a lively five piece band with powerful tracks that really hook the audience and generate a powerful energy.

RGR pack out the Cluny regularly and offer a fantastic array of music and entertainment that will tickle most tastebuds. After 3 hours I had shot over 200 images and thoroughly enjoyed the array of music and entertainment on show, from slow ballads to bouncing indie tracks the night was filled with music performed by more than capable artists.

If you see RGR advertised @ The Cluny in Newcastle I recommend you get a group together and pay them a visit.

For more information on RGR or any of their artists visit:

or their myspace @

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