Hand Crafted Jewellery

Exquisite Handmade Jewellery

Exquisite Handmade Jewellery

Jewellery is always fun to photograph, you have the textures, shapes, colours and form to think about which makes it interesting but on occasion tricky to shoot well.

Hayley Mardon of Tuli Storm approached the studio with a view to shooting over forty beautiful products. The brief was simple, to produce clean on-white product images that show the design, materials and style of the products for use on their online shop and associated print marketing.

As with every shoot the first thing to do was to get key information about the products which could influence the final photography.

I always like to find out about the history of the business and how the products are designed. Understanding a product and the clients needs really helps produce images that exceed their expectations.

Following an initial discussion it was clear their products combine the talents of a variety of makers including highly skilled metal workers in Zimbabwe and glass bead makers from Kenya and all of them are hand made. It is the beautiful hand made nature of the products that really shines through, their textures, shapes, semi precious stones and design all reflect their origin while also being highly fashionable and affordable.

African Metail Workers African Metail Workers

In product photography it is often the aim to make everything look “perfect” but it was the slight imperfections and the hand made nature of these products that gave them their charm.

Every customer would receive a unique item, the naturally formed stones would all differ very slightly and there would be tiny differences in the shapes and forms of the metal work which all adds to the beauty of the final product. The images therefore had to be clean, detailed and lit to compliment the shapes, textures, stones and designs of each individual piece, this was not a one lighting setup fits all situation.




In total over 50 images were supplied to Tuli Storm in high and low resolution so they could be used online and in print.

It was great to meet Philip who was so easy going, efficient and produced beautiful images of our latest handmade jewellery collection. He clearly puts a lot of care and attention into ensuring his photographs capture the story and I will definitely be recommending him

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